Dealer Feature – Outlandish Studios


Outlandish Studios is run by Lyenuv and CandyMulholland of FurAffinity.  They offer commissions in the forms of digital and traditional illustrations, conbadges, and custom vinyl decals.  Their art is colorful with sharp lineart and svelte forms, and they have a wide array of conbadge styles to fit any taste!  If you want a new sticker for your bumper (or laptop), they can absolutely do it!  You have the option of providing your own high quality linework, or have them create the design for you.  They are happy to work with you to make what you want.

Remember when animation was traditionally done, with every little detail drawn by hand?  We do!  Outlandish Studios also offers hand painted animation cell commissions on duralar acetate paper.  Each commission is sketched out on paper, inked onto the duralar, and then handpainted.  The result is a unique piece of art that looks great on your wall!

Outlandish Studios’ newest venture is art printing.  They offer a small print service to both artists and clients alike, up to 13×19 full bleed posters.  Contact them for a quote today, special discounts for artists ordering in bulk!


In the powerhouse duo of Outlandish Studios, Lyenuv is the illustrator.  Self taught, she still enjoys learning new things and tweaking her art.  A mother of two darling kids (unless you count the geriatric dog and husband), she spends her days balance artwork, housework, and promoting creativity in her family’s lives.  Currently, she’s a full time artist with a much loved fanbase.

Offering at FurReality 2014: Illustrations, Badges, Vinyl decals(custom and premade), and sketchbooks.
Be on the look-out for special convention pre-sales from Outlandish Studios!


Find Outlandish Studios online at:

Dealer Feature – Mystic Sabreonic


Rachel Stenzel (Mystic Sabreonic) took up drawing for the fandom in late 2005 after she found out about it and that there were so many people out there just like her. Mystic was created Jan 05 and was the fuel that started her love of wolves of the quadruped type. Although her time with canines started a little rocky, their anatomy much different from the dragons she had been drawing for several years, she quickly grew accustom to the change and has since succeeded in putting down on paper what she envisions in her mind.
During the time that she discovered the fandom, Rachel was attending college where she graduated from with a four year degree in art with an emphasis on digital art. Although she loves digital, traditional is where her talent lies. There is just something so natural with pencil and paper that a computer could never mimic and the end result is something one of a kind that you can hold in the palm of your hand. With this said, Rachel still loves learning new techniques involving digital art and will continue to enhance both types in the years to come.

Mystic Sabreonic grew up in the outskirts of Lisbon Iowa surrounded by cornfields, livestock and wildlife of all kinds. Ever since she has been able to hold a pencil she has been drawing furry critters from all walks of life. Her first ones were her pet dogs and cats before she graduated into a more mythical caliber with dragons and talking roosters. Today she specializes in a wide range of animals, mainly including (but not limited to) canines, felines, mythicals, and equines.
Growing up Rachel never passed up the opportunity to study and explore the woodlands around her childhood home. She found many things there like feathers off of molting turkeys, skulls of varying shapes and sizes, as well as dropped antlers from the whitetail herd in her area. Upon spending countless hours in the wilderness she has allowed herself to be surrounded by the mysticism of the wild, something many of us can see within her fursona, a winged wolf by the name of Mystic Sabreonic.
Offering at FurReality 2014: Traditional and digital art.

Find Mystic Sabreonic online at:
Facebook: Rachel Stenzel
Twitter: @MysticSabreonic

Dealer Feature – Bella Chassen

Bella Chassen started as a small dream that found its niche in the furry community. Offering personalized embroideries of fursonas and more, Bella Chassen is rapidly growing to meet the ever expanding desires of the community!


After a failed attempt to master the basics of knitting as a child, Chassen has dabbled in every craft possible. Finally settling down with sewing and embroidery, she specializes in custom fursuit accessories. She enjoys camping, swimming, video games, and reading when not crafting.

Offering at FurReality 2014: Fursuit fashions and customized embroidery

Bellachassen 1

Be on the lookout for pre-order deals at her online points of contact!

Bella Chassen can be found online at:
Twitter @truechassen


“One with the machine” Convention T-shirt

Here we have the final design for the T-shirt for 2014, “One with the machine”

 This is the shirt that will be given to sponsor and god level folks, and available for sale in the store!

Quantities are limited!Con_Shirt

Now Back By Popular Demand: Pre-Registration!

So, we listened to what people had to say and after some deliberation, we’ll be re-opening pre-registration so that more folks can get registered early.

Our early wave of pre-registration had the exclusive charm, but due to limited numbers, this will not be available any longer.  Our God and Sponsor Levels are also no longer available for purchase at this point.

There will be convention T-shirts and a limited number of the god-level gift board games available at the convention, so if you missed out you still might get a chance to pick them up. They’re going to go fast, though!

Pre-Registration is $45, so you save $10 from the at-door price, and it comes with a poster and a full colour conbook.

Pre-Registration closes on September 26, 2014, so be sure to hurry and register!


Register Online

What Makes Fur Reality Different?

Fur Reality is an immersive convention.  What does that mean?  Basically the entire convention has an ongoing storyline and game that attendees can choose to participate in at any level they prefer.  Roll up your sleeves and dive right into the action, helping to bring down the machine that plagues the Con, or simply sit back and enjoy the show like a normal convention!

To this end, the convention areas of the hotel will be decorated to help people get into the spirit of things and lose themselves a bit more in the world of “One With The Machine”.  We have a unique format for our storyline and an in-con game that is easy to play but also takes dedication and a bit of luck!  Team up with friends or compete to see who comes out on top!

More information on the game coming soon!