Pre-Registration is closed for Hijinx!

You may still pay at the door, but we are no longer taking pre-event registrations.


See you there!

Interested in Coming?

The Holiday Hijinx is coming up fast!

To be sure you get a badge, register online!


Holiday Hijinx Schedule

Holiday Hijinx Schedule


At-site Registration and Badge Pick-up begins at 11 am


11am – Intro, Meet n’ Greet
12pm -How to Draw Reindeer
1pm – Assimilation: Holiday Edition
2pm – Lunch, Holiday Movie
3pm – White Elephant Exchange
4pm – Photos 
5pm – Furry Match Game
6pm – Iron Artist
7pm – Furry Feud
8pm – Assimilation: Beta Test


Note: We have two rooms available, so there may be even more events than what is currently listed.  There may be last minute schedule changes.




Meet n’ Greet – Come say hello to your fellow furs!  Just a nice informal meet n’ greet.

How to Draw Reindeer – Drop in with our artists to learn how to draw hooves, horns and holiday centric themed art

Assimilation: Holiday Edition – You’re a member of a peaceful utopia being forced to fight off an unspeakable evil… that’s ruining your holiday! Play along with the Holiday Version of the party game: Assimilation!

Lunch – Get your food on!

Holiday Movie – Attendees get to pick which holiday movie we’ll be showing over lunch.

White Elephant Exchange -The holiday classic!  Only attendees who bring a gift may participate.  The cost limit on White Elephant Gifts is $5-$15 max.

Furry Match Game – Guess what our panelists are thinking?  Can you do it?

Iron Artist -The ultimate art challenge.  A bunch of artists enter…. one artist leaves: victorious!

Furry Feud – Put together your furry family and take on the collective wisdom of the masses in Furry Feud!

Assimilation: Beta Test -The first premiere of the cards from Assimilation’s upcoming expansion!  Be part of the small group getting to test out the newest additions to the game!

Holiday Hijinx – Activities!

Wondering what to expect at this year’s Holiday Hijinx?  Well, wonder no more!  Here’s a list of some of our events, with even more to come soon!


Some Featured Activities:

How to Draw Reindeer (and other Hooved Animals)
Our in-house artist offers a panel about drawing hooved critters of all kinds! As a special bonus, feel free to request any other Holiday Themed art questions you have!

Assimilation: Holiday Edition!
Drop in for a game of Assimilation with special Holiday themed cards. Play with us and get an exclusive card for your own home deck!

Furry Match Game
A fandom favorite! Challenge your knowledge and guess what our contestants are thinking!

Holiday Movie
Join us for a Holiday Film. Be sure to come early to vote Will we be watching something great or awful? The choice is yours!

*BONUS* Assimilation: Exclusive Beta Test!
Be one of the first people to test the newest Assimilation expansion!

Holiday Hijinx!


Did you have fun last year at the Holiday Hijinx? Well get ready to hang your stocking, wrap your gifts and then dash on over to spend the holiday season with the jolly folks over at Fur Reality’s Holiday Hijinx 2014!

We have all kinds of fun events going on this year, including a fun and amusing White Elephant gift exchange. It’s the game that keeps on giving (and taking). We’ll also have holiday movies and music, some arts and crafts stuff and what holiday party would be complete without taking photos with Santa?

Also, for those folks who like games, we’re going to be running some special games of Assimilation, complete with exclusive Holiday Hijinx exlusive cards that players can take home with them! We’ll also be testing out the first expansion for the game! (’s a secret!) There will also be Match game, board games, trivia contests and more.

There’s even more to come, but be sure to sign up early! Due to demand, Holiday Hijinx is a capped event this year. Once all of our registrations are gone, we just won’t have the space for more people! We had 50 people last year, this year we rented more space but our cap is going to be 75 people. Don’t miss out, if you intend to come you should register asap!

Registration is $10 this year

We’ll be hosted once again by the lovely folks over at the Hilton Garden Inn (the same hotel the Hijinx were in last year):

Hilton Garden Inn
11149 Dowlin Drive, Sharonville, Ohio, 45241
TEL: +1-513-772-2837 FAX: 1-513-772-2885
The event runs from 11:00 am to 9:00 pm

Be sure to bring a valid photo ID to pick up your badge!




Fur Reality Photos!

For those of you who are not following us on facebook already, we’ve gone ahead and started uploading tons of fun photos from the convention! There’s more to come, but this is a start!


Check it out over on our facebook page: