Holiday Hijinx!


Did you have fun last year at the Holiday Hijinx? Well get ready to hang your stocking, wrap your gifts and then dash on over to spend the holiday season with the jolly folks over at Fur Reality’s Holiday Hijinx 2014!

We have all kinds of fun events going on this year, including a fun and amusing White Elephant gift exchange. It’s the game that keeps on giving (and taking). We’ll also have holiday movies and music, some arts and crafts stuff and what holiday party would be complete without taking photos with Santa?

Also, for those folks who like games, we’re going to be running some special games of Assimilation, complete with exclusive Holiday Hijinx exlusive cards that players can take home with them! We’ll also be testing out the first expansion for the game! (’s a secret!) There will also be Match game, board games, trivia contests and more.

There’s even more to come, but be sure to sign up early! Due to demand, Holiday Hijinx is a capped event this year. Once all of our registrations are gone, we just won’t have the space for more people! We had 50 people last year, this year we rented more space but our cap is going to be 75 people. Don’t miss out, if you intend to come you should register asap!

Registration is $10 this year

We’ll be hosted once again by the lovely folks over at the Hilton Garden Inn (the same hotel the Hijinx were in last year):

Hilton Garden Inn
11149 Dowlin Drive, Sharonville, Ohio, 45241
TEL: +1-513-772-2837 FAX: 1-513-772-2885
The event runs from 11:00 am to 9:00 pm

Be sure to bring a valid photo ID to pick up your badge!




Fur Reality Photos!

For those of you who are not following us on facebook already, we’ve gone ahead and started uploading tons of fun photos from the convention! There’s more to come, but this is a start!


Check it out over on our facebook page:


Kind words from our charity

We’re still gathering up all the pictures and video from the convention, it’s going to take us a few more days to get those posted to the site and everything, but in the meantime I thought we might share this nice little bit… The people at OAR got back to us and expressed just how far the donations that all of you guys gave/raised/gathered is going to mean to them, and their cats. The rep at the show was nearly brought to tears and so were we, when we read this note. (The previous post didn’t include the donations they took directly at the table, so that’s why it’s higher now.) They’re very excited to come back next year as our charity!

Darren and Krista,

WOW! – everyone at OAR is just absolutely bowled over by your generosity, and the generosity of all the participants at Fur Reality 2014. Thank you does not do it justice – we are all so touched that your group was so generous with us, not only with monetary gifts but with your welcoming spirits. All the OAR volunteers who were able to attend the event have just gone on and on about how great it was, how much fun they had, and how freely and generously people gave to OAR.

The total raised – I honestly can’t believe this! – was $2,788.46. When you approached us to do the event, we were just excited to do a new event that reached a new audience. We never dreamed of what an amazing impact your group’s kindness would have on OAR’s ability to help homeless cats in our community.

In OAR terms, that spays 80 cats; feeds a “special needs” cat (on an expensive diet!) for 3.5 years; saves the lives of 25 homeless cats that we can shelter and adopt out; or helps us trap/neuter/return 56 cats. You can see, with this cat accounting, just what an amazing effect Fur Reality will have on the abandoned cats in the Cincinnati area.

So you can see why “thank you” isn’t quite enough. But thank you, nonetheless – you truly brought some of us to tears with your generosity.


Devon Smith

Clinic Director

An interview with: The Machine

For those of you who didn’t see our opening ceremonies, the tall intimidating robotic figure that was walking around our convention was the villain of the story, “The Machine.”

Friend to the Fandom John N. Collins conducted an interview with “The Machine” and has shared it with us.

Those of you who didn’t know, the Machine was played by constaff member ZeeBee, who is actually -extremely- shy and the fact we got her to go up and play this character AND conduct an interview was startling. You guys were all so kind and encouraging to her that she wound up having fun, thank you!

I’m going to take an extra moment and ask that you guys all check out John N. Collins’ personal website: Weird Review where he does reviews of various awesome events, art and culture, and more!

You should also take a few moments to read the article he wrote for, it is, by far one of the most positive and glowing reviews and insights into the fandom by a member of the press I have ever heard. It eloquently gives insight into what the fandom really is and dispels the various idiotic negative stereotypes that various media sources have helped monger. If more people were as open minded and logical as he was, the fandom would be viewed as the positive thing it really is. Thank you John.

You can read that insightful piece of work HERE

More photos and videos coming soon!

The second year is over! ;_;

Woohoo! The second year of Fur Reality “One with the Machine” is over and it was a massive success! You guys were such an amazing crowd, everything was great. I’m super tired, so it might take a day or two to start posting all the awesome photos and videos.

For the moment, I’m going to post some of the critical numbers!

Final count, we had 316 attendees! Nearly double last year.

We had 55 fursuiters in our parade

We raised over $2125 for our charity the Ohio Alleycat Resource. Your generosity was amazing!

For anyone curious, we defeated the Machine! We will post more about that soon.

For now, I need a good day of sleep!


-The Tak