2015 Pre-reg receipts

If you received a recent receipt email from Fur Reality, don’t worry, this did not charge you again. We closed all the pre-registration orders from 2015 in preparation for 2016 pre-registration. Yes, pre-reg... READ MORE

Holiday Hijinx 2015

  Hey everyone! It’s that time of year again!  We’re getting together a gathering for the holidays and you’re all invited. Holiday Hijinx is back! This year we’re on Dec 12, 2015 As... READ MORE

Pre-Reg Tote Bags


Bad news, everyone!  Our pre-registration tote bags are sold out!  Anyone who registers between now and the convention will no longer receive a free bag. If you really want one, be sure to... READ MORE

Fur Reality Schedule Online


Hey everyone! We know you’ve all been excited to see what’s on the schedule for this year, and we’re very excited to share it with you!  This year we have over 70 unique... READ MORE

Hey Everyone!


We had a few hours of downtime on our registration system yesterday.  An update on the site briefly broke the checkboxes.  However, everything is all fixed now and with plenty of time to... READ MORE