Dealer Feature – M&T Comics

Me at AnthroCon 2009

MIKE (brerbadger)

Mike is the “M” in M & T Comics and Cards.

First a little history; Mike has been in the business of selling comic and card related material for over 20 years. He started selling at small local shows in upper New York state, then moved to jolly ole England, where he continued doing just shows on weekends. After two years of shows, slowly expanding in items carried and quantity of material on-hand, he opened his first shop in Lakenheath, UK. He returned to the good ole U S of A in 1997 and embarked in a whole new direction, Mail order, focusing on APO and FPO addresses as a specialty. The expansion into cyberspace 10 years ago has led to greater possibilities. The website,, was created by the Love of my Life and partner Lia.

On Facebook, M&T Comics and Cards, although Mike not so much, but is on Twitter @MikeLutrario.


LIA (ladybug)
Lia is Mike’s sidekick, technical advisor, and photographer. An avid knitter, she can often be found knitting in the hotel lobby at their many shows. Lia was introduced by Mike to this fascinating genre

Fur Reality Schedule

Here’s the schedule for this year!







writeups5 writeups6




Featured Dealer – Bloodhound

bloodhound bio


Bloodhound has been around a long time! She’s attended many midwestern conventions in the last decade, and has sold art at all of them. This artist takes commissions online as well, offering both digital and traditional artwork. She uses mostly art markers (Copics are her favorite), watercolors, multiliners, and acrylic paint. Blood was recently Guest of Honor at Indy Fur Con, and is an active member of the KY Furs community.

blood hollywood squares

Her work is often erotic in nature, though humor and cute things crop up as well. Her trademark character, Bloodhound, is an American Staffordshire Terrier (aka pitbull) that mirrors her body type very closely. Blood is best known for depicting this character (and others) as being both fat and sexy, and has received praise for the honesty in her art. If a piece of art has made you laugh, or made you feel good about yourself in someway, she considers that a victory.


You might also know this artist as Kim. You might be aware that she’s been married for nine years, lives in Kentucky, and was born and raised in Michigan. And if you’ve been paying attention over the years, you know that she has a major thing for pugs. When not doing furry art, Kim works as a painting instructor, is vice president of a miniatures club (think dollhouses!), and a voracious reader. She is not shy about discussing her work, her involvement in the fandom, or her personal stumblings both on- and offline.

Also, super serious about the pug thing.

trip trap



Dealer’s Den Layout

Okay Everyone!  I know you’ve been waiting and now it’s up.

Here is the layout for our Dealer’s Room this year!


Dealer List

*Convention Store  (Table #1)
*Ringtail Cafe  (Table #2)
*Poecat Comix  (Table #3)
*OKI LUG  (Table #4)
*Bella Chassen  (Table #5)
*Outlandish Studios  (Table #6)
*Art By Bloodhound  (Table #7)
*The Jeweled Horn  (Table #8)
*LoneStarLaser  (Table #9)
*War Pony Candy Forge  (Table #10 and #11)
*Shop Troll  (Table #12)
*Rodney Fyke  (Table #13)
*Stormfire’s Eyrie  (Table #14)
*Merrick Swiftclaw  (Table #15)
*Furry Dakimakura  (Table #16)
*Furoticon  (Table #17)
*Indy Pony  (Table #18 and #19)
*Misc Etc  (Table #20)
*M&T Comics  (Table #21 and #22)
*Avi’s Art  (Table #23)
*Fur and Feathers Fursuits  (Table #24)
*Craig Boldman  (Table #25)
*Pipey Friends  (Table #26)
*Mystic Sabreonic/Pandolf’s Parade  (Table #27)
*Blue Line Art  (Table #28)
*Keenan Antiquities  (Table #29)
*Diamond Dust Dreams  (Table #30)
*Fursuit Supplies  (Table #31)
*MixedCandy  (Table #32)



Final Dealer Room Layout


Dealer Feature – Furry Dakimakura

FD logo transparent


“We are Furry Dakimakura. We are “those guys.” The guys who make those loveable, huggable, often naughty furry pillowcases featuring your favorite characters from across the fandom. We are the people who let you cuddle up at night with someone you love, even though they aren’t real. But we’re more than that. We also sell books and games and plush toys, giving you more to love. All while supporting the fandom’s best artists with each sale. Cuz we’re just awesome that way.”


bedfellows-03 JuntheFox PromoImage



Dealer Feature – The Jeweled Horn


The Jeweled Horn creates illustrations with a body positive and sex positive mindset, with a heavy emphasis on honoring both realistic bodies and intimate portrayals. She focuses on accurate body anatomy for all sizes of physical forms and all kinds of species. The Jeweled Horn creates art that portrays a sense of comfort and ease for the subject of the illustration and the viewer. She aims to tell stories with her art, giving viewers a sense of each character’s background and personality. When it comes to erotic art, The Jeweled Horn happily accepts all fetishes with the only exception being actual underage characters. She enjoys the challenge of drawing new things and honoring each client’s personal vision as well as she can.

celestial bodies moon detail

The Jeweled Horn’s art is inspired by a sense of responsibility to social issues and community involvement. She promotes body positivity for all people by organizing the community art project Sizes, which pairs real models up with artists to show all different body types as beautiful, regardless of size, shape, health, lifestyle, or ability. Over 50 pairs of models and artists have produced illustrations so far; check it out on FA under Sizes or on Tumblr at SizesProject! The Jeweled Horn also focuses on supporting the furry artist community by being a founding admin of the Dealers Den Coalition, which focuses on uniting furry dealers and advocating for great services both for and from dealers. Find more info on the DDC on FA at DealersDenCoalition.

The Jeweled Horn is also known as Kelly Lenza. She’s been creating furry art and been part of the community for more than 15 years, after coming into the fandom after reading the comic strip Sabrina the Skunk and having a lifelong love of animals. She lives in the Chicagoland area with her husband, dog, and cat and is expecting her first child. When she’s not creating furry art, she likes playing video games, quilting and sewing, practicing hot yoga, and learning new things.

At Furreality, she’s offering badges, sketches, original art pendants, and take home digital commissions. Come say hello! :)

Tawa stand single
Furaffinity: TheJeweledHorn
Weasyl: TheJeweledHorn
Other sites/online locations: Tumblr – TheJeweledHorn and TheJeweledPorn (for erotica)