What is Fur Reality?

Fur Reality is an immersive anthropomorphic convention. Attendees are invited to participate in the convention’s ongoing storyline for this year, collecting points and prizes and working to support their favorite characters in their adventures. Storyline sequences of the convention happen at certain points during the day and audience participation is usually welcome.

For those who don’t wish to participate in the overall convention game, there are still plenty of things to do. Socialize, attend panels and workshops, watch our entertainment track and generally just enjoy the show as a regular style convention.

The Game

The game is what makes Fur Reality unique. We have a completely different story and game every year, so attendees can have a unique experience.

Info on this year’s game will be available soon!

What is there to do at the con?

Fur Reality offers a wide variety of entertainment and educational material. Our Entertainment Track includes Gameshows and Variety Shows that audiences can watch or even participate in. Our Gaming Track has card and board games.

If you’re wanting to learn things, be sure to check out the materials on our Crafting Track, or enjoy the delicious education available in our Cooking Track. Are you a Fursuiter, Artist or Writer? Don’t worry! We have tracks for you too!

Every attendee will get a free poster and a full-color con book, and if you get a higher membership level, there’s even more free swag!