Animation Mini-Festival

Animation Mini-Festival

This event is a showcase of indie and student animation films which will be playing at Fur Reality this year. We’re currently accepting submissions to be featured in our Mini-Festival. All convention attendees are welcome to come and watch.

Rules for Submissions

  1. The submission must be complete.  Simple or minimalistic animations are fine, but it must have a definite beginning and ending, even if there is no story or it is an experimental piece.

  2. The submission must be your own work.  By submitting, you agree that you have the legal right to the work, including the music, characters, etc.  We cannot allow direct fanart animations, though animations done “in the style” of a show are acceptable.

  3. Group works are acceptable, however, the submitting party takes responsibility for making sure everything is legal and agreed upon within the group.

  4. Animation submissions must have the proper rating on them. We are not currently accepting adult content. 

  5. When listing the length of your animation, please do not round down.  We need an accurate estimation of length for picking how many animations we can include.

  6. Please be prepared to provide your animation in .mov format for convenience in compiling. We will email you instructions for uploading your animation if you are accepted.

Submissions are closed, thank you!