Artist Alley is a place for artists to display their work and accept commissions.

Notice to Artists:

An Ohio Transient Vendor’s License is required. You will not be allowed to sell in Artist Alley without one. (If you don’t have one, we have instructions for applying)

Click Here for Artist Alley Hours and Signup Times.


Getting a Spot in Artist Alley

Each spot in Artist Alley is half a table. Only one person per half table is allowed. Sharing of half tables is prohibited. Electrical access is not guaranteed.

Spots available by Lottery

Spots are available by lottery. One spot per person. Lottery times and location will be printed in the schedule or posted outside Con Ops.  After lottery is held, spots available on a waiting list. Anyone not present at Artist Alley when lottery is held or a spot becomes available goes to the bottom of the waiting list.

Spots can not be shared or transferred. If an artist leaves their spot for more than 10 minutes, they will lose their spot.


In order to set up in the Artist Alley, you need to meet the following requirements:

What Can Be Sold

  • All wares must be produced by the artist and the artist must own the copyright for them.
  • Any items not allowable by Fur Reality’s dress code may not be sold. (See Rules for dress code)
  • No weapons or smoking related paraphernalia -including vaping (hotel policy).

Additional Policies

  • Displays may be no more than 24 inches high.
  • Adult materials should be kept in a separate (and marked) binder and all genitalia should be covered.  Artists are responsible for making sure their work is not viewed by minors.