This is a summary of our rules and expectations in the Code of Conduct.

Expected Conduct

In convention areas and public spaces, we expect attendees to keep things PG. Any panels or areas where there is adult content will be clearly marked 18+ or 21+.

Anything that is illegal, causes damage or inconvenience to the hotel or its guests, or is disruptive to the convention is not allowed. If a staff member or hotel employee asks you to stop doing something, stop.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask a staff member for clarification.

Specific Rules

Your Badge
Your badge is your proof of purchase. You need to wear it somewhere easily visible when you’re in convention areas. If we can’t see your badge, you will be asked to leave until you can present it.

You will need to leave alcohol in your room unless you’re in the hotel bar. All alcohol in convention areas has to be prearranged with the hotel by the con chair. We do not allow attendees to drink in panel rooms.

Dress Code
Clothing must PG and not overly revealing or blatantly fetish gear. For example, nylon harnesses and leather collars are allowed but some gear or masks may not be allowed. For safety reasons, we do not allow leashes of any type to be worn.

Touching/Hugging Other Attendees
Please respect people’s space and ask before touching or hugging someone. This applies whether or not you are wearing a costume or the person you want to touch is in a costume.

If someone asks you to leave them alone, please leave them alone. If someone won’t leave you alone, ask any staff member for help.

Fursuits are not allowed in the pool area or in any areas where food is served.

Weapons and Props
For safety reasons, we ask you to leave any weapons or realistic replicas in your hotel room. Any props should be brought to our Safety Team in Con Ops to be inspected and cataloged.

Adult Materials
No materials of an adult or erotic nature may be displayed or distributed in view of minors. This includes artwork, video, and paraphernalia (including but not limited to condoms).

Fursuit Parade
Fursuiters, cosplayers, and handlers only. No props over 6 ft in height or 3 ft in length/width. Banners or signs need to be preapproved with staff.

Staff Contact Form

  • If you have questions or need to contact a staff member, please use the form below.