Vision of Fur Reality

Those of us who run Fur Reality want it to be a fun and welcoming place for everyone. Everyone has a different idea of fun and ours might be a little different than yours. We tend to have a lot of minors at the convention during the day. Our rules and our enforcement of them tends to reflect that. We take our rules seriously but we do understand honest mistakes.

In general, we like to keep the convention PG. We don’t mind parties in hotel rooms but we do want the floor areas to be safe for kids. Any adult content is clearly marked 18+ or 21+.

Any rules we enforce are to keep other attendees, our guests, and the hotel happy with us. Sometimes there isn’t a specific written rule and you may be asked to stop doing something. All we ask is that you try to work with us. If you’re unsure of something, don’t hesitate to ask a staff member for help.

Summary of Rules

This is a quick summary of the major rules for the convention. For the full list, see the Code of Conduct. If for some reason this summary is different than the Code of Conduct, go with the Code of Conduct.

Your Badge

Your badge is your proof of purchase. You need to wear it somewhere easily visible when you’re in convention areas. If we can’t see your badge, we don’t know if you’ve paid. We’ll have to ask you to leave until you can show it to us.

We ask attendees to leave their alcohol in their room. Our hotel doesn’t want people consuming alcohol in public areas unless you purchased it from the bar. We also want to prevent underage drinking and enforce a bit of decorum.

Any alcohol in convention areas needs to be prearranged with the hotel. In general, we don’t allow attendees to drink in panel rooms unless the panel is listed as 21+.

Dress Code

As stated in the Vision above, we try to keep things appropriate for the general public. We prefer clothing not contain offensive imagery, be overly revealing, or be obvious fetish gear. For example, nylon harnesses and leather collars are allowed but some gear or masks may not be allowed. For safety reasons, we do not allow leashes of any type to be worn.

Touching/Hugging Other Attendees

The costumes are cute and fluffy but please ask before touching or hugging someone. Not everyone wants to be touched. Even if you’re in a costume yourself, you also should ask. If you’re unsure of how to ask permission without talking, ask a staff member to demonstrate the proper gestures for requesting a hug.


We want everyone to feel comfortable and welcome. Sometimes that doesn’t happen. A good rule of thumb is if someone asks you to leave them alone, please leave them alone.

If someone makes you feel unsafe or unwelcome, ask any staff member for help. You can read our full policy on harassment in the Code of Conduct.


We love Fursuits but they do shed fur, so there are a few areas we don’t allow them. To prevent damage to the pool, Fursuits are not allowed in the pool area. And to prevent fur in the food, fursuits aren’t allowed in any areas where food is served.

Weapons and Props

Unless you’re a member of law enforcement, please leave the weapons at home. If you have any realistic replicas, they will need to be checked and peace bonded by the Safety Team. They can give you specific instructions on what’s allowed.

Adult Materials

Due to federal laws, no materials of an adult or erotic nature may be displayed or distributed in view of minors. This includes artwork, video, and paraphernalia (including but not limited to condoms).

Fursuit Parade

Fursuiters, cosplayers, and handlers only please. If you have a banner, sign, or a prop larger than 6 ft in height or 3 ft in length/width please check with staff before bringing them to the parade.