Special Guests

Special Guests

Our performer this year is Adler the Eagle!! Adler makes animated Youtube videos telling stories of his life, while also making other videos in his fursuit. We cant be more excited to have him join us this year!

Our next guest of honor is to be announced soon

Returning Guests

Samuel Conway is a chemist who holds a Ph.D. from Dartmouth and is also the chairman of Anthrocon, a Furry convention held annually in Pittsburgh, PA. Known as “Uncle Kage” to his fans, he is an experienced raconteur who has performed on stage all around the world. He has been called by some an unofficial spokesperson for the Furry fandom since he has dedicated a good deal of time and energy to dispelling the myths and misconceptions surrounding the world of anthropomorphics. His favorite convention activity is meeting with friends in the bar, and if you’re inclined
to ask, he has a preference for semi-dry Rieslings (Germany’s Mosel Valley or Washington’s Columbia Valley, neither older than 2 years) although he’ll always settle for a nice cheap white zinfandel out of a box with a plastic spigot on the bottom.

Once more we are thrilled to announce the return of Alkali Bismuth! A fantastic storytelling comedian, this giant top hatted ferret is the host of the amazing Whose Lion panels as well as 1 of the 2 hosts to the Dragget Show!

Once more we are thrilled to announce the return of Xander the Blue! An amazing stand-up comic this blue¬† dragon is an amazingly talented individual. Whether he is creating art, doing stand-up, or being 1 of the 2 hosts to the Dragget show he is someone you don’t want to miss

Returning once again, Citrine Husky is an amazing musician who does original works as well as covers. Not only a talented musician, he will have you laughing out of your seats with his comedy as well. This legally blind Husky is a true sight to behold. 

Making his return to Fur Reality, Iggy is the game show king of the furry fandom. Not only are his versions of Password and Pyramid some of the most entertaining panels you could attend but his custom created game shows are a sight to behold!

Other returning guests to be announced soon