Special Guests

Special Guests

New Guests

Rashoni the Rock and Roll dragon

Rashoni the Rock and Roll dragon began throwing himself into his music since 2016. Though he claims himself to be a “work in progress” this dragon has been a rockstar in the fur con circuit. His youtube channel is filled with awesome advice for anyone wanting to start out with fursuit performance as well as concerts he’s performed. We really recommend checking it out here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCS338kCarT2pJumdzii-v1g/featured?disable_polymer=1
We greatly look forward to rocking out with this amazing dragon!


One of the most dedicated and talented Game Show hosts in our fandom, Iggy has been entertaining guests of numerous conventions since 2010. A lover of old school video games and board games alike, this green dinosaur knows how to show you a good time. Whether you are participating in his pyramid game or answering “How’s Yours” we highly recommend giving this entertaining host a view.

Scott Simmons

Scott Simmons is an illustrator whose career includes doing artwork for Lucasfilms, Arcana, Image, Moonstone, and Topps, In addition to higher-profile work on “Star Wars”, “Tellos”, The Dead Cell”, and “Voltron”, He also loves drawing for indie comics like “Our Super Mom” and currently does the inking for “The Confectionaries”. He is also the Creator and artist of his own self published comic “Knights of P.O.W.E.R.”.

Returning Guests


Uncle Kage

Uncle Kage returns again to regale us with his stories. He is the chairman of Anthrocon, the world’s largest furry con. Uncle Kage is well known for his storytelling, always told with a glass of wine in hand, often based on everyday experiences. In his daily life he is an accomplished chemist, author, and auctioneer.



If you see a giant wearing a top hat then it’s probably Alkali! Alkali is staff at many conventions and is the Con Chairman of Fur Squared. He’s a funny comedian who hosts panels like Whose Lion Is It Anyway and co-hosts the Dragget Show. When not working, Alkali spends a lot of time running Dungeons & Dragons sessions, and NERO a Chicago based larp group.



Citrine Husky is a legally blind furry, fursuiter, and musician. He first joined the fandom in august of 2013 finding it through YouTube videos. Citrine is a singer, songwriter, and multiple-instrumental musician of great talent. We are excited and thrilled to have him return.


Xander the Blue

3D animator by day, every other sort of artist by night! Xander tends to bury himself in creative endeavors, be it co-hosting the Dragget Show weekly furry podcast, making furry art, or performing open mic comedy at comedy clubs & conventions.