Meet the Fur Reality 2018 Staff!

Board of Directors

Epoch Wolf Chairman
Poker Wolf Vice Chairman
PropzillaCeri Director of Operations
ZeeBee Director of Finance
The Tak Director of Printing
Sal Director of Art

Safety Team

Rubah Safety Team
Kitten Safety Team
Sliss Safety Team
Yule Husky Safety Team
Ishta Safety Team
Kai Safety Team

General Staff

Dragonwyck Audio/Visual Manager
Chris Bunny Audio/Visual
Kim Convention Immersion
Foxifly Convention Store/Game Station
Mortegami Convention Store/Game Station
Yuki Convention Store/Game Station
PlagueRat Dealer’s Den Manager
Hysterium Dealer’s Den
Arluza Equipment Manager
Snowwolf Equipment
Fury Board Game Room
Dis Board Gaming
Tobe Otter Artemis Room Manager
Jake Bunny Artemis Room
Drea Registration
The Evil One Registration
Jesse Registration
Snowflake Registration
Jonas Storyline
Calypso Husky Storyline
HellPup Storyline
Bloodyflame Storyline
Storm Gryphon Volunteer Coordinator
Cyder Gopher
Citrine Gopher


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