2017 Guests

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Foxifly is an artist and colorist who also works for Ringtail Cafe productions on the comic book “The Confectionaries” and the upcoming comic “Dust”. She specializes in fantasy art and fantastic beasts, but also does humans, vampires and other such creatures. Her fursona is a fox-moth hybrid.










Uncle Kage

Samuel Conway is a chemist who holds a PH.D from Dartmouth and works in a laboratory in the research triangle area of North Carolina.

He is also known as “Uncle Kage” the Chariman of Anthrocon, the world’s largest furry convention, held annually in Pittsburgh, PA. To his fans, he is an experienced Raconteur who has performed on stage all around the country and even in such far-flung places as Germany, Australia, England and even the Czech Republic.

He has been called, by some, an unofficial spokesperson for the furry fandom since he has dedicated a good deal of time and energy toward dispelling the myths and misconceptions surrounding the world of anthropomorphics.


Alkali Bismuth
Alkali is a black-footed ferret and co-host of both Whose Lion is it Anyway and The Dragget Show (with his mate, Xander the Blue). He is known for his distinctive top hat, his sheer volume and for being the chairman of Fur-Squared. In his free time, he runs various gaming sessions, as well as doing productions with his improv team.


Xander the Blue
Xander is the co-host of the Dragget – along with his mate Alkali – show podcast and a stand up comedian within the community. Xander lives near Chicago and has a job as a 3D animator in the game industry. He enjoys Pro Wrestling, Politics, Video Games, Open mics, weight lifting, running and eating mass quantities of tasty things.



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