Animation Festival

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Here’s a listing of the short animations that will be showing at our festival, in approximate order.  This list may be subject to change.

The Magnificent Menagerie of Melvin McMelanie by Kiernan Sjursen-Lien
A kid and his little traveling show roll into a small train town in 1895 California, only to find it may be harder to earn a penny than originally thought.

Morning Coffee by Tracy Miller-Robbins
A meditation on morning coffee. Peering into the cup, a journey of half dream/half daydream as one gains consciousness.

La fille au taches de rousseur by Estephan Khattar
In order to get to her school, a little girl has to pass through a hole in a big wall. One day while she is going back home from school she finds this hole closed and gets stuck on the other end of the wall.

Mission Impossumble by Lindsay Scanlan
An ochophobic mother opossum faces the challenge of crossing a rural country road. This is a lot harder than you’d think.

Rainy Day Blahs! by John Celestri
Furry siblings goof around indoors on a rainy day.

Wolfsong by Toniko Pantoja
A mother wolf breaks into a hunter’s den and takes back her pup, only to find it a stuffed trophy. She sings to her cub a goodnight’s lullaby, hoping her child would finally sleep. Little does the mother know, a young hunter is already on her trail.

The Train by Aaron Dunbar
“A rock pile ceases to be a rock pile the moment a single man contemplates it, bearing within him the image of a cathedral.” -Antoine de Saint Exupéry

An animated tale of love, solitude, and artistic obsession.

The Finvestigations of Sharklock Foams by Allie Vanaman
When a lighthouse keeper dies under mysterious circumstances, it’s up to famous land-shark detective Sharklock Foams and his otter companion, Doctor Flotsam, to track down the culprit and thwart a much more sinister plot.

The Ballad of Possum’s Broom by Kiernan Sjursen-Lien
The second of my 2nd year films at CalArts, The Ballad of Possum’s Broom. Music is by the wonderful Hollow Trees

Creatures of the Day – Gil Zablodovsky
What happens when creatures of the day trying to escape their land of abstract

Dinosauria  by Alessia Cecchet
This is the story of how dinosaurs first conquered the sky.

Trip the Light Fantastic  by Elizabeth Horth
Just before his first dance recital, Trip the t-rex gets a little help from a little friend.

FEARLESS by Ishak Khan
A squadron of sky chasers pilot head out to meet a massive army of droids set out to destroy their city. Lead by their fearless chief Elias, the small bandit of pilots fight off the invasion and seek out to destroy the mother ship that controls the droids. Will they succeed in their mission?

Oto to kanashimi (Sound and sorrow) by Draw Manima
This animation is a collab between 12 artists and a local band Hello Luna which allowed us to use their song “Sound and Sorrow” which our animation is based on.  The story is about some furry highschoolers that have a normal life during the day but they have a secret life at night.

Squatch 2 by Andrew Buchanan
A simple bean-looking ape discovers a delight.

Tiny Nomad by Toniko Pantoja
A scorpion hating, scorpion killing mouse passes out and wakes up reliving in his child hood; but has he forgotten the lessons from his past?

Sam Houston A Texas Hero by Melissa Glasscock
This animated short recounts the story of the Texas hero, Sam Houston, highlighting his role in the Battle of San Jacinto and the Texas Revolution.

Do Not Open ‘Til X-Mas by Aaron Dunba
The animated holiday tale of a young arctic fox who will stop at nothing to figure out what his mother got him for Christmas.

On The Run by Kiernan Sjursen-Lien
When a child runs away from home, two monsters try to help them go back, only to find things aren’t so simple.

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