Dealers Den opening

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FurReality has an opening in the Dealer’s Den. We have had a few dealers drop, so despite the cutoff for applications that happened on July 31st, we are indeed still accepting applications at this time. If you are willing and able to attend, and also able to pay for your table (and registration if you haven’t already) in a timely fashion, please apply as quickly as possible, because the convention starts soon (October 7th).

If interested, please submit your application here:

Should you choose to apply, we will be in touch shortly thereafter, and you should receive an invoice within the next few days. Tables are 6ft x 3ft and cost $100 and come with one (1) Standard membership. Electrical access is free but must be requested. Specific tables can be requested but we can not guarantee placement. Any assistants require additional memberships to be purchased. If you have already pre-registered for FurReality attendance, please notate that in your application, so we can adjust your invoice accordingly.

If you are not able to make it to FurReality, but you know someone who can and might be interested in becoming a Dealer, please send us their information to so that we may extend this same invitation to them!

Thank you for your time,
Jesse “floppybelly” Neubauer
FurReality Dealers Den staff

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