Fur Reality: The Story So Far

Fur Reality is an immersive convention. That means that in addition to all of the normal aspects of a con, there is an ongoing storyline and game being played throughout the event which all attendees are welcome to participate in! Many of you who are joining us again will already be familiar with how it works, but for those of you who are new to it, here’s a quick run down!

What is the Story?

Each year, throughout the course of the con, Fur Reality’s storyline team conducts a multi-part stageshow featuring the con’s own original cast of characters. To learn the story, you can attend storyline panels and watch the show! The audience even gets a chance to participate and influence the story by playing the con’s game (more on that later).

This year, we will join Bone Dog, as he wanders in the 1920’s looking for fuel for the universe gate so he may escape the 1920’s!

Events from Previous Years

What is the Game?

The game is the primary way that the audience can interact with the story. Throughout the weekend, you will have opportunities to gain points. These points can be turned in at storyline panels or placed in the storyline boxes to give resources and supplies to the characters you want to support. As we go through the weekend, the amount of points given to each of the characters will change how the storyline plays out and may even determine who lives or who dies!

Alternatively, points can be exchanged at the con store for a variety of prizes. Be warned though, if you choose to spend your points on prizes instead of turning them in, those points may reach the hands of one of the other factions, making it harder for your team to win!

The choice is yours!

How do I get points?

There are many different ways to earn points. These include:

  • Participating in games, panels, workshops, and other events
  • Solving puzzle sheets from the con store
  • Making purchases in the dealer’s den
  • Donating money to the charity
  • Volunteering to help the convention