Show your Pride

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Show your pride, by joining Fur Reality in the Cincinnati Pride Parade on June 24.


Information about time and location will be sent out as the event gets closer.


The most important thing:

Please note that information about times, location and other pertinent data will be sent out via email, so make certain you enter a valid one. Things may also change within days or even hours of the event so keep an eye out for updates.

Please note, we are guests of the event and are subject to their rules, changes and needs as they arise.


What to expect:

Those wishing to participate in the parade should check in with the Fur Reality float team well in advance of the parade beginning. Those who do not check in early enough may not be able to participate. The Fur Reality team will be setting up the float and will be unable to check people in as the parade gets close to starting. Please arrive at least 30 minutes prior to the parade start.

The event is approximately 2 miles of walking, and can take between 1 to 2 hours. Delays, issues, security checks, weather problems or traffic issues can potentially cause it to take longer. If you are not comfortable with that amount of walking then you should attend the parade as a spectator, not a walker. Please note that the parade does not end at the same place that it began, so you will also need to be comfortable with walking back to the start.


What if I’m not LGBT? Can I participate?

That’s not an issue! Pride Parade is simply to celebrate the diversity and understanding of everyone, no matter who they are. You do not have to be Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender or anything else to participate! You just have to bring a positive attitude and outlook!


What to wear:

The event is going to be outside in open air. It is expected to be warm, but you should be sure to check the weather prior to leaving for the event. Make sure that you dress comfortably, with good walking shoes. Please understand that the event is a public one and that all clothing should be appropriate. No offensive, hateful or controversial clothing, or fetish gear. You should feel free to wear furry themed or furry related shirts if they are public appropriate. Please remember there are children and this is a public event. Bonus points if you wear a Fur Reality shirt.



Please note, full fursuits are NOT permitted to walk in the parade. We are very sorry to say this, but it is a health and safety hazard. There is a serious risk of overheating. Last year the temperature was nearly 90 degrees. The team on the float have been pre-checked and vetted for the health and safety risks and very specific safety measures are being taken. A fursuiter collapsing in the middle of the road would be an extreme safety hazard for the suiter and would cause the entire rest of the parade to be halted as emergency teams came to deal with them.

Partial suits are allowed, so long as they are pre-approved. You will need to contact the Fur Reality team ahead of time to have the suit approved. Primarily, our concern is making sure the head has good ventilation and/or fans, is not too heavy or covering and the suiter is well prepared for the rigors of the event.

Please note, there are NO change rooms available. You will have to be able to put your partial on in the middle of the street. That means you have to wear appropriate clothing (no stripping down to undergarments) under/with the suit. You will not have any opportunity to change/get out of the suit for the duration of the walk (other than just taking the head off) and there will be no stopping to get out of costume once the event has begun. If you cannot be in the partial for several hours, you should not attempt it.

Furry paraphernalia like ears, tails, etc are welcome and encouraged.


What to bring:

You’ll need your ID to sign in with the parade group. It is also a good idea to bring sunscreen and bottled water. You may not expect to get sunburned in down town Cincinnati, but it is possible. Although we do not have a booth after the parade portion, you may wish to have your wallet or purse with you if you intend to hang around at the event after the parade. Please note, we will not be able to provide or guarantee space to set or store things, so you should only bring what you can comfortably carry or leave items in your vehicle.



You will be responsible for finding and paying for your own parking for the event. We recommend you allot plenty of time to find parking and then check in with the Fur Reality float team.

Information about the meeting location will be posted closer to the event, as information is passed to us from the Pride Parade itself.


Final Notes:

Please note that all participants are expected to be on their best behavior. We are very fortunate to get to participate in events such as this and want to be able to continue for years to come. All participants will need to sign the code of conduct sheet at sign in.

We hope you’ll join us for a great event!


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