Fur Reality 2019 Anthology


Thank you to everyone who submitted to our Anthology this year! We will be in contact with those who have made it into the book shortly.

Lost in Time Anthology

This year’s anthology is “Lost in Time”.  Stories submitted should try to fit within the theme in some way.  Various forms of time travel are the  most obvious, but if you have something else that fits in with the theme, feel free to submit it!  All stories must have anthropomorphic animal characters involved.  Humans are great, but we want to see some furries!

Here’s a quick breakdown of the details and rules for submission.

  • Length: Between 8000-12000 words
  • Story Rating: G to PG13
  • Format: .doc, .docx or .ods file types only.  Please use Courier font, 12pt size.  (use of Standard Manuscript format is preferred: https://www.shunn.net/format/story.html)
  • Multiple Submissions: Yes, within reason.  Please do not submit more than 3 stories at once.
  • Reprints: We may accept work that has been previously printed if it meets the theme, however we do put priority on new stories that haven’t been in front of our audience before.
  • Simultaneous Submissions: No.  If you’ve submitted a story to us, we prefer you to hold off on submitting or publishing it elsewhere until you’ve received word from us on the status.
  • Other restrictions: Please use only characters, species and settings you own or that are public domain.  Any submission with copyrighted characters will be rejected automatically.
  • Deadline: Now Closed
  • Release Date: Oct 23rd, 2019 (Fur Reality 2019)
  • Payment: 1/2 cent per word, plus one contributor copy.
 Neither Furry Mystery Box nor its partners claim any ownership of your story, characters of personal copyrights.  Submitting to the Lost In Time anthology gives FMB the right to use your story in this printed book, to sell the existing copies of the book with your story included and to give away or otherwise use copies of the already printed material at our discretion.


 All notifications on acceptance should be sent to submitting authors by no later than June 30th, 2019.