Special Guests

Special Guests

Our Artist of Honor this year is Fuzztone! A skilled artist, comic creator, game designer, and musician. But , he is best known in our fandom for the very punny, very funny comic about a dad, dressed as a fox, Fox Dad!

Boozy Badger is a lawyer, a blogger, and a badger who will do embarrassing things at cons to raise money for charity. In his spare time, he can be found conspiring with Alkali Bismuth, driving his spouse Quotation Marks up the wall, or herding his brood of badgotts. He can be found playing games on Twitch, or on his blog, lawyersandliquor.com.

Fox Amoore is a pianist and composer from Scotland. Pepper Coyote lives in Arizona and has a degree in music education and is a choir and music instructor. Together they make some of the best music in the fandom. Talented musicians who have traveled all around the world performing at many con’s and events, Fur Reality is thrilled to have to have these two talented musicians join our stage.

Returning Guests

Alkali is the now former chairman of Fur Squared, a Furry convention in Brookfield, Wisconsin in February. Being one half of the Dragget Show Podcast, this hilarious comedian is renowned for his comedy panels such as Whose Lion is it Anyway and Libation Appreciation. One of only two guests of honor to have been with us since the beginning, we are excited to welcome him back again!

A very talented artist, Xander is one half of the Dragget Show Podcast. Not only an artist, this blue dragon is also a hilarious comedian having performed on many a main stage. One of only two guests of honor to have been with us since the beginning, we are excited to welcome him back again!

Samuel Conway is a chemist who holds a Ph.D. from Dartmouth and is also the chairman of Anthrocon, a Furry convention held annually in Pittsburgh, PA. Known as “Uncle Kage” to his fans, he is an experienced raconteur who has performed on stage all around the world. He has been called by some an unofficial spokesperson for the Furry fandom since he has dedicated a good deal of time and energy to dispelling the myths and misconceptions surrounding the world of anthropomorphics. His favorite convention activity is meeting with friends in the bar, and if you’re inclined
to ask, he has a preference for semi-dry Rieslings (Germany’s Mosel Valley or Washington’s Columbia Valley, neither older than 2 years) although he’ll always settle for a nice cheap white zinfandel out of a box with a plastic spigot on the bottom.

Returning once again, Citrine Husky is an amazing musician who does original works as well as covers. Not only a talented musician, he will have you laughing out of your seats with his comedy as well. This legally blind Husky is a true sight to behold. 

The Rock and Roll Dragon

We are thrilled to welcome back the rockstar of the fandom, Rashoni! Not only an amazing rocker, this Youtuber’s channel is filled with awesome advice for anyone wanting to start out with fursuit performance as well as concerts he’s performed. We greatly look forward to rocking out with this amazing dragon! 

Making his return to Fur Reality, Iggy is the game show king of the furry fandom. Not only are his versions of Password and Pyramid some of the most entertaining panels you could attend but his custom created game shows are a sight to behold!