Animation & Poster Cameos (Don’t miss the cutoff)

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Last year we set ourselves the task of having an animated intro for our opening ceremonies. This year, we’re doing it again! Our gold level attendees get a ton of awesome swag, but one of the more unique items is an appearance in the opening animation. Since this year’s theme is post apocalyptic, you can expect to see your character in a much beloved wastelander/mad max aesthetic!

Gold Level attendees get the animation appearance in addition to the Silver Level poster cameo! At the silver level, you get to show up in the I-Spy style poster. This year’s *burp* theme is *belch* inspired by dimension-hopping science, broh! Gotta get me some of that szechuan sauce.

We will be announcing a cut-off date soon, so make sure you don’t miss out!

Here’s a sneak peek at last year’s I-Spy

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